Use the HHC-1000 Hand-Held Communicator for field service and configuration of Electrolab Digital Level Sensors (DLS).  The HHC-1000 offers a simple, but powerful interface. The HHC-1000’s compact design offers a safe, convenient alternative to using a laptop or other device for sensor configuration.


Powered by four “AA” batteries, the HHC-1000 generates only 12V, 70mA power for a single sensor. You can connect an external 12VDC power source for communicating. Communicate with up to 32 sensors connected to an RS-485 network. The user-friendly interface allows you to configure the DLS and retrieve sensor configurations.

An automatic power-off feature after three minutes of inactivity contributes to the unit’s low power usage and helps protect battery life. The unit provides a warning message 10 seconds prior to power-off. The LCD front panel display is 128 x 64 pixels. The panel includes a backlit display with contrast adjustments for visibility and readability in all environments (-4°F to 158°F (-20°C to 70°C)).

Part Numbers

  • HHC-1000 – DLS 1000 Hand-held Communicator

  • HH03 – Overlay for HHC with PCB

  • HHC-BATTCLIP – HHC Battery Clip Replacement

  • HHC-CABLE-SPARE – HHC1000 Cable

  • HHC-CABLE-HLS13 – HHC 1000 Cable – Direct Connect for High-Level Shut-In Sensors

  • HHC-CABLE-SPARE-ACC – HHC Cable for Accutech

  • HHC-EXP Adaptor – HHC Hand-Held Explosion Proof Adaptor (plugs into the standard cable to enable connecting to the Molex  pigtail connector for the Explosion Proof heads)

  • HHC-HLS Adaptor – HHC Hand-held High-Level Shut-In Adaptor (plugs into the standard cable to enable connecting to the HLS fuseboard)

  • HHC-PT-1000 Adaptor – HHC cable to the Molex connector on the PT-1000 (plugs into the standard cable to enable connecting directly to the Molex connector on the standard pigtail)