Electrolab’s Model 3010 Dual Analog Output Board is designed to provide two analog outputs from either a Model 1000 or Model 2100 Digital Level Sensor (DLS). These two, 4-20mA signal outputs are used in applications that require monitoring of dual fluid levels in a tank.


The 3010 Dual Analog Output board reads ASCII data from the sensor, parses the level from the data string, and assigns the channel output based on the number of floats or levels in the message.




  • A single float or single level sensor will have the output assigned to analog output channel 1.

  • A dual float or dual level sensor will have the outputs assigned as follows:

    • Level 1 (total product ) = analog loop 1

    • Level 2 (interface) = analog loop 2.

The Model 3010 board replaces the fuse board in explosion-proof housing assembly on the top of the sensor and provides the same electrical protection. The Model 3010 board operates off a maximum of 12.9vdc for intrinsically safe environments; otherwise a maximum of 30vdc and controls power to the sensor. It powers the sensor on a pre-programmed interval and polls the sensor for levels, then powers the sensor down and outputs the analog signal. The configurations for polling and scaling are stored in the DLS EEPROM, allowing for easy board replacement, if required, without the need for reprogramming. By default, the polling period is 30 seconds and the scaling is 240 inches.


The 3010 is designed to interface with the following reporting firmware versions:


  • Version 2.08 or higher for DLS1000

  • Version 3.13 or higher for DLS2100


Part Number

3010 – Dual Analog Card