TEMPSENS™ for Temperature Measurement

Electrolab’s TempSens™ is a temperature probe specifically designed for the harsh conditions of rail applications. Accurate temperature measurement of liquids transported by rail car tanks during depot arrival, handling and departure is critical for safety, as well as the efficient loading and unloading of the material.


Note:  Due to it’s rugged, accurate and reliable operation, TempSens is suitable for many temperature measurement applications in addition to rail applications. 


TempSens™ measures and monitors the temperature of a variety of fluids transported by rail:

  • Crude Oil

  • Petroleum products

  • Chemicals

  • Asphalts

  • And many other liquids

TempSens™ is C1D1 certified intrinsically safe for use in hazardous locations when used with an approved barrier.



  • C1D1 certified intrinsically safe for hazardous locations.

  • Wireless compatibiity with approved third-party wireless node and gateway providers allows data to be transmitted to a PLC or SCADA system for monitoring and control.

  • Measure and monitor temperature in one, two or three locations in the tank. Customize placement of the temperature sensors to fit your needs. Typically, one sensor is placed at the bottom of the probe and additional ones placed at the middle and top of the probe. This allows for temperature reading of the fluid at the bottom, middle and top of the tank.


The sensor features a 1/2″ diameter temperature probe, which is designed to fit easily through a Cam Lock fitting located on the top of the railcar tank. The sensor itself features a 2″ male, NPT process connection. The sensor can be mounted in the car or manually inserted in the tank.

Use with Electrolab’s TankChek for a local ground-level display of up to 2 temperatures on 8 devices (16 process variables) at one time. Railyard personnel can monitor temperature safely, while staying off the tanks during loading and unloading operations.