The Model 1000 Terminal Unit (Digital to Analog Converter) is a stand-alone device which polls the level sensor and outputs a 4-20 mA analog signal for use by other field data collection equipment. The Model 1000 Terminal Unit is compatible with our Model 1000 Digital Level Sensor and Model 2100 Digital Level Sensor.


The intent of the Model 1000 Terminal Unit is to enable the superior accuracy of the Model 1000 level sensor to be used in a system which has only analog inputs. This unit provides local display and control. The converter can poll up to 32 (v1.04 and earlier),16 (v1.06 and later) Model 1000 or Module 2100 Digital Level Sensors and can be configured to send up to 8 analog signals based upon data received from these sensors. Not all analog channels need to be used. The analog signal can be configured to output the level or temperature data from a sensor.

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