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Featured Level Sensors

Level Measurement that Excels in Multiple Tank Environments

Electrolab level sensors offer accurate and reliable monitoring of tank level and temperature.
After initial installation, Electrolab sensors require no additional calibration and are virtually maintenance free.

 RU Flex with High-Level Shut-In (HLS)
RU Flex with High-Level Shut-In (HLS)

  • Three level measurements in one device: product, water interface and high-level
  • Adds HLS option for high-level alarm and shut-in
  • Dedicated HLS circuit requires no power and is not affected by power outages

RediLevel™ 2100 Digital Level Sensor (DLS)
RediLevel 2100 Digital Level Sensor

  • Small profile level sensor with integrated temperature sensing, fits in a 2” port
  • Ideal for liquid storage tanks in many industries (Chemical, Agriculture, Water Management, Oil & Gas)
  • Same rugged, reliable, accurate electronics certified for hazardous environments

Model-2100-DLS_Stainless-Steel-and-FibergassModel 2100 Digital Level Sensor (DLS)

Available in Stainless Steel or Fiberglass, with or without High-Level Shut-In


Stainless Steel

  • Rugged, reliable and accurate for most applications
  • Ideal for turbulent tanks
  • Paraffin resistant



  • Ideal for high H2S, caustic and corrosive environments, where other level sensors don’t last
  • Lengths up to 33 feet

Let us help select the best level sensor and configuration for your application. Call our office or email our sales team.

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