The RediLevel™ 2100 Digital Level Sensor (DLS) is Electrolab’s general purpose tank level gauge for smaller tanks and storage vessels. The level sensor fits easily into a 2-inch port.


The RediLevel is ideal for many industries and applications. This tank level gauge can measure multiple fluid levels and temperatures through a single tank port. The sensor excels at measuring liquids with emulsion layers.


RediLevel uses the same rugged, reliable and accurate level sensing technology as Electrolab’s Model 2100 Level Sensor Product Line, which was first introduced into the oil and gas industry.


Accurate & Versatile

The RediLevel’s light-weight, slim profile fits through a two-inch tank port and is easy to start up. Simply set the initial level offset and RediLevel is ready to monitor your tank. The RediLevel is low maintenance and requires no calibration after initial installation. This DLS offers 0.25″ resolution with +/- 0.125″ accuracy.

C1D1 certified for use in hazardous locations. Certified intrinsically safe, explosion proof when used with an approved barrier.

Measures up to to two levels and multiple temperature zones through a single tank port.

Open communication protocols for hardwire or wireless communications

Factory treated with e9 Treatments‘ nanotechnology-based Pro Performance Metal Treatment to significantly reduce buildup.

Industries & Applications


Target industries include Agricultural and Fertilizer, Chemical, Petrochemicals, & Water and Wastewater Treatment


The RediLevel 2100 DLS works well in most storage tanks and vessels, including:

  • Chemical Tanks

  • Fuel Tanks

  • Dispensing Tanks

  • Small, Portable tanks

  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Tanks

  • Pressurized Vessels up to 250 psi