The Harsh Environment (HE) 3D-printed float is composed of a highly engineered polyamide (Nylon). This float provides extended longevity and performance in many chemical environments over Electrolab’s standard composition float. The polyamide material exhibits high temperature and excellent chemical resistance, while providing very good mechanical (abrasion resistance) and barrier properties. This float coupled with Electrolab’s Model 2100 Digital Level Sensor  or RediLevel 2100 DLS offers an ideal level measurement alternative for chemical, petrochemical, fuel distribution, refining and other production and storage tanks.


The HE Float is a one piece design for enhanced durability. Embossed grooves on the top of the float make if easy to identify the proper orientation of the float. Installation is easy: simply orient the float on the sensor and slide it in place.


The HE Float is available for Electrolab’s standard Model 2100 Stainless Steel and Fiberglass DLS and the RediLevel 2100 DLS. With the addition of the HE Float, Electrolab Model 2100 DLS sensors are open to new markets and applications. See page 2 of the Harsh Environment Float Data Sheet for Chemical Compatibility.



  • 3-D printed, one piece design with internal support framework for impact resistance/durability and proper bouyancy

  • Extensive fluid compatibility for chemical tanks, oil & gas production and storage tanks, and many more!

  • Non-stick material to help prevent buildup or sticking of the floats

  • Minimal need for cleaning and maintenance

  • Alignment grooves for ensuring proper installation of floats on the sensor

  • Resolution stamped on float

  • Float for Model 2100 DLS Stainless Steel and Fiberglass Sensors fit through a standard 3” NPT port; float for the RediLevel 2100 fits through a standard 2″ NPT port


  • PF01.25-SS-NY – Product Float for 1/4” resolution stainless steel sensor

  • WIF01.25-SS-NY – Water Interface Float for 1/4” resolution stainless steel sensor

  • PF01.25-FG-NY – Product Float for 1/4” resolution fiberglass sensor

  • WIF01.25-FG-NY – Water Interface Float for 1/4” resolution fiberglass sensor

  • PF01.25-RL – Product Float for 1/4″ resolution RediLevel Sensor

  • WID01.25-RL – Water Interface Flot for 1/4″ resolution RediLevel Sensor