Announcing TempSens™: Liquid Temperature Measurement for Rail Car Depot Loading and Unloading

By: Electrolab Marketing |  February 17, 2022  |  Category: News

For several years, major railroad yards installed Electrolab’s Model 2100 Digital Level Sensors into their oil collection and sump tanks. Recently, Electrolab expanded its Rail Products portfolio with the addition of TempSens™, a portable probe for liquid temperature measurement.

TempSens is specially designed and engineered for the rail yard, although it can be used for many industrial applications. This portable and temporary temperature measurement device measures the temperature of various liquids inside a rail car during loading and unloading. These liquids typically include petroleum products, chemicals, asphalts, and other media. Frequently, these types of materials are heated at railroad depots as they are moved across the country from their point of origin to a destination site for loading or unloading. Accurately monitoring the temperature of the material inside the rail car is critical to ensure safe transportation, as well as efficient loading and unloading.

“TempSens™ addresses many of the issues rail depot operators face when handling liquids transported by rail car. Running power and signal wire to a transient rail car is impractical. Yet, an accurate temperature measurement of the material inside the tank is paramount to safety and proper handling. The rail yard is a difficult environment. The transportation, loading and unloading of stratified fluids inside the rail cars requires special handling. We are excited to be able to add this solution to our Rail Products portfolio,” said Todd Mathias, President, Electrolab, Inc.


The following features ensure that TempSens™ is the solution for rail car loading and unloading at the depot:

  • Certified Class 1, Div. 1 construction for hazardous locations
  • Engineered for easy wireless radio integration
  • Multiple temperature measurements for detailing the profile of the fluid
  • Light and portable, yet rugged and durable design for difficult environments
  • Small footprint with 1/ 2” diameter temperature probe
  • Two temperature sensors at customizable placement locations
  • Ideal safety solution to reduce instances of technicians climbing on and off rail cars
  • e9 Pro Performance surface treatment to prevent deposition on the temperature sensor and to make cleaning easier

With Electrolab’s optional TankChek LCD210, rail yard personnel can monitor temperature locally. Technicians can safely stay off the tanks except when needed to install or remove the TempSens™. TankChek provides an easy-to-view, easy-to-install C1D1 local, ground-level display for reading up to 2 temperatures on up to 8 devices at one time.

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