Customize a Level Sensing Solution to Meet Your Requirements

By: Electrolab Marketing |  June 7, 2018  |  Category: News

Electrolab gives customers the flexibility to tailor digital level sensors specific to site needs. With several new product introductions in 2018, Electrolab customers can customize the following:

RU Flect Digital Level Sensor with Explosion Proof Housing

  • Sensor type and material
  • Sensor length and resolution
  • Number of temperature sensors
  • Number of levels
  • High-Level shut-in option (with optional integrated test fixture)
  • Type of housing
  • Power supply: 12V or 24V


Electrolab sensors can be ordered in stainless steel, fiberglass, and flexible models with lengths from 2-48 feet. Customers can choose from one to eight temperature sensors, one to two level options, and measurement resolutions of ½”, ¼” and 1/8”. Sensors ordered with 1/8” resolution (+/- 3/16” accuracy) are compliant with API 18.2 Custody Transfer Requirements.

The optional High-Level Shut-In adds a third float and separate circuit to the sensor that communicates high and high-high alarm conditions to a control device and prevents overfill of a production tank. An optional integrated test fixture allows production personnel to manually test operation of the high-high alarm feature with the tank hatch closed, eliminating exposure to harmful fumes.

Options for housings include Explosion Proof, L (standard), T, C or no housing. The Explosion Proof housing is available in 12V and 24V power versions and allows any Electrolab Model 2100 Digital Level Sensor to meet electrical code and site safety requirements without installing additional equipment. The L, T, and C housings are intrinsically safe when used with an approved barrier device, while the no housing option can facilitate the integration of the sensor with third-party wireless communication providers.

“Our customers asked for and now have the flexibility to customize digital level sensors to meet their specific site and safety requirements. . . With these new options, customers can select a durable, rugged sensor with the options they desire. Electrolab is committed to meeting the needs of our customers. ” – Todd Mathias, President, Electrolab, Inc.

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