Electrolab Extends API 18.2 Compliant 1/8″ Resolution Level Measurement to Stainless Steel

By: Electrolab Marketing |  August 30, 2017  |  Category: News

Electrolab’s Model 2100 Stainless Steel Digital Level Sensor (DLS) and Model 2100 DLS with High-Level Shut-In (HLS) are now API 18.2 compliant, offering level measurement with 1/8″ resolution (3/16″ accuracy). Electrolab has offered API 18.2 compliant level measurement on it’s flexible and rugged RU Flex 2100 Digital Level Sensor (DLS) since its release in 2016. Please remember, only level sensors with 1/8″ resolution and 3/16″measurement accuracy are truly API 18.2 compliant.

Electrolab offers the most durable and reliable level sensors in the industry. One-time calibration and very little required maintenance make these sensors the workhorses of the oil field. Measure two levels and up to 8 temperatures with a single sensor. The Model 2100 DLS (with or without HLS) is available in lengths from 2 to 35 feet, while the RU Flex is available in lengths from 2 to 48 feet.

The Model 2100 DLS with HLS includes a third float and a separate, dedicated safety circuit to ensure accurate high and high-high level sensing. An integrated test fixture allows users to manually test the operation of the high and high-high level digital output signals.

Unlike other level sensors, all stainless-steel Model 2100 Digital Level Sensors are treated with Electrolab’s patented e9 Anti-Paraffin Treatment. This oleophobic coating prevents the buildup of paraffin and asphaltene on stainless steel and ensures the ongoing measurement accuracy of Electrolab level sensors.

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