Electrolab offers a high-pressure version of our Model 2100 stainless steel digital level sensor. This high-pressure DLS  fits in a three-inch tank port and works in pressures up to 250 psi. The high-pressure DLS features a welded bushing to withstand higher pressures.


The high-pressure Model 2100 DLS is ideal for use in oil & gas separators where it helps to ensure the reliable, accurate measurement of the water interface in a production separator. Where other level measurement technologies may struggle with the changing composition of the emulsion layer in a separator, the Model 2100 DLS handles the interphase and total liquid measurements with ease. To learn more about how Electrolab’s Model 2100 DLS – High Pressure works in Separator applications, read our White Paper.


The high-pressure Model 2100 DLS works well in separator tanks, heater treaters, natural gas bullet tanks, other vessels under pressure, and some frac tank applications.


This high-pressure design can also be useful in tanks where the sensor is shorter than the tank. The welded bushing provides a strong mounting preventing movement of the suspended sensor.


Class I, Div 1, Group D Intrinsically Safe with approved barrier device (using standard electronics housing)
Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D with optional Explosion proof housing (12V or 24V)

API 18.2 Custody Transfer compatible

All stainless steel parts treated with e9 Treatments Metal Pro anti-paraffin surface treatment

No ongoing calibration after initial offset

Measure two levels standard; up to eight temperatures from a single port