Why Batteries In Wireless Communication Devices Matter

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Battery lifespan, ease of maintenance, and replacement battery costs are important topics to consider when selecting wireless communication devices.

Configuring Data Transmission Intervals

One of the perks of incorporating wireless devices in your operation is the availability of analytical data. However, it’s important to remember that the more frequently you program a wireless device to measure and transmit data, the more battery power the device uses. For example, if you set the device to measure once per second and transmit once per second, the battery will last a small fraction of the time stated on the datasheet, regardless of the battery type or manufacturer. On the other hand, if you measure every 15 minutes and transmit every 15 minutes, the battery life-span will exceed expectations.

Finding the sweet spot between your process demands, analytic needs, and battery life is critical.

Batteries Can Be Costly

For many, incorporating wireless devices into operations is an easy decision based on installation cost savings alone. Long lines of conduit are costly and wireless devices eliminate that expense completely. However, the savings quickly evaporates with expensive battery assemblies and trips to the site if the device batteries require frequent replacement.

Electrolab D99 Model 2100 Node

Be cautious of wireless products designed with batteries bundled with wires, wraps, or circuit boards. Most of the time, manufacturers design wireless devices this way to meet certain certification qualifications, but in return drive up the cost of battery replacement dramatically.

Almost all battery types are the same and are supplied by a small number of sources. Finding a wireless communication device that supports readily available batteries, supplied by retail or online stores, or  local distributors, who offer a low-cost solution with minimal inventory needs is vital.

Simple Replacement

The purpose of integrating wireless devices into your operation is to streamline and simplify. This is not always the outcome, if the device requires extensive dismantling to replace the battery. Consider wireless communication devices where the head cover unscrews and you can replace the battery without having to remove the head from the meter or sensor and take it away from the process. This will save hours over the life of the device.

Find the Right Device for Your Operation

Before selecting a wireless solution for your operation, think about battery replacement and costs. Start saving time and effort with the right wireless communications solution for your operations.


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