Winter is Coming. Is Your Site Prepared?

By: Electrolab Marketing |  September 14, 2020  |  Category: Blog

Winter is coming—can the level sensors in your field remain operational for the entire season?

Although it may still be warm in your part of the country, meteorologists already forecasted the first freeze watches for North Dakota and Colorado had its first snowfall. Before long, oilfield operations will feel the effects of colder weather. As temperatures drop, paraffin precipitates out of production fluid and adheres to equipment surfaces, creating process flow issues and instrument malfunctions. Devices that operated well all summer will start having paraffin buildup, flow lines will clog, and production headaches will ensue. Level measurement instrumentation is not immune to paraffin buildup.

Paraffin Season

Paraffin season is the time of year when paraffin becomes more prevalent and buildup occurs quickly on oilfield instrumentation. All types of level sensors see paraffin deposit on surfaces, causing the sensors to fail and no longer produce accurate readings. Operators spend a great deal of time and money pulling sensors and cleaning them. During the current pandemic and oil industry downturn, these increased maintenance costs are particularly unwelcome.

The Solution

Electrolab Model 2100 Stainless Steel Digital Level Sensors (DL) are treated with e9 Pro Metal Treatment to help prevent the buildup of paraffin. Many operators with Model 2100 Digital Level Sensors in their fields find that they don’t have to pull these sensors for cleaning. E9 Pro Metal Treatment helps to prevent the paraffin from sticking to the sensor body and floats. Any paraffin that settles on the sensor washes away as production fluid enters the tank. Switch to Electrolab Model 2100 DLS and you may even find your operation running smoothly throughout the entire winter.

Refer to the Model 2100 DLS product page for more information.

Next Steps

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Winter is coming. It’s time to prepare!


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